Best Engine Tune-Ups Oakland CA!

Best Engine Tune-Ups Oakland CA!

Standard Engine Tune-Ups include a spark plug replacement to revitalize your engine. Getting your vehicle tuned-up to meet your manufacturer’s recommendations makes your engine easier to start, improves fuel economy, lowers emissions and restores lost power. Make no mistake: we’re vehicle enthusiasts – and we’re here to ensure your vehicle's performance and value live on.


Even though the basic design hasn’t changed in over 100 years, today’s engines are more highly advanced and more difficult to tune and troubleshoot than your Grandparents vehicle. That’s why the experts at Mobile Mechanic Oakland CA use sophisticated engine diagnostic equipment and vehicle computer data to pinpoint hidden problems and worn parts.


If you notice any of the following you should schedule a tune-up sooner:


> Your gas mileage is decreasing

> You experience a loss of power or torque

> Your engine sounds like it’s running rough or stalls out at a stop

> You hear knocking or pinging sounds when accelerating or after the ignition is turned off

> Your check engine light remains on after your initial start


For more ways to keep your vehicle in excellent condition, call us at Mobile Mechanic Oakland CA. No matter wherever you are, we will find you!

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