Spark Plug and Ignition Coil Servicing Oakland CA!

Spark Plug and Ignition Coil servicing Oakland

Spark Plugs and Ignition Coils are essential to the running of your vehicle. When they are clean or new they are much more efficient than older dirtied ones. Therefore, replacing them occasionally can be beneficial to your vehicle. It may sound complicated, but once you know what you are doing it really is a simple procedure. However, you should not let it go. You have to take care of it timely and of course properly. Otherwise, it may cause an accident.


If you don't know, spark plugs, as their name suggests, create a spark which ignites the fuel in the engine's cylinders. Remember, the engine of your vehicle will reach extremely high temperatures when running, make sure that the engine has cooled down completely before working on it.

If you take timely action for your vehicle's ignition system, your vehicle will have been:


Quick starting

Increased performance

Increased fuel economy

Lower emissions

Cure specific driveability concern (requires diagnosis, see manager for details)

Conserves spark energy for the combustion chamber

Regulates spark energy

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